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The Kantar Group, Dubai, UAE

Kantar Group were looking to relocate their corporate office and create an eco-friendly and collaborative working environment. In order to achieve this, design team Fitch collaborated with contracting firm Aati Contracts to create a space with innovative design features that focused on providing areas to evoke dynamic thought processes among staff.


Being a marketing and research-based company, the client brief was to create various collaborative areas for staff to optimize productivity in both a stimulating and vibrant surround. The reception has a sleek design with full height branding of the revamped company logo, strategically placed against the stunning backdrop of the Dubai Marina. Co-working areas were created both in the open office layout with easily accessible coffee stations positioned close by; in slightly more private niche’s with comfortable sofa seating for more relaxed brainstorming sessions, and also in more traditional small meeting rooms with the option to gain privacy from behind glazed partitions. Sound-proof phone booths and meeting pods were also an important addition to the space, as was the addition of ‘The Arena’, a fun and relaxing space created to provide staff an escape from the pressures of work.

The feature of constructing perimeter meeting rooms and collaborative ‘huddles’ with a floating ceiling design also presented substantial architectural challenges and this was overcome by utilizing a specialized structural base that could withhold the required strength tests.

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Architect / Designer                      




Project Manager                    

Grown Gate

City / Country            

Dubai / United Arab Emirates



December 2019


Chris Goldstraw Photography



Series used 

> Stratum, Surface and Haven Collection

Items used

> Stratum XL 034UV - Waterfront Oak 00614

> Surface 0515V - Gravel 15530

> Identity Tile 5T237 - Truffle 35760

> Honest Tile 5T236 - Apricot 35675

> Honest Tile 5T236 - Rosewood 35870

> Identity Tile 5T237 - Mint 35237

> Honest Tile 5T236 - Greige 35516

> Honest Tile 5T236 - Fog 35518

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