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Time has been moving in mysterious ways, warping and weaving within our lives. So, let us Emerge from the ordinary with a collection revealing new neutral colours as adaptable as nature itself. When did we ever truly celebrate the mastery of grey or beige? Now is the time. As another sign of the times, Bolon emerges with a new and inspirational VR solution. Brace yourself for a virtual journey as we branch out from Ulricehamn in the Swedish woodlands and tour grand contemporary interiors where new neutrals emerge. Take it away!

We’ve gone back to the loom and created something that comes alive and lasts. We’ve found that perfect balance giving six new neutral colours real character and structure. Threads in both warm and cold shades woven together, and layers of subtle colouring make room for inevitable changes in light and shadow. Developed to complement the materials most used by architects, it is precisely these colours with their evolving texture, that offer something that is anything but basic.

Colours of Change

Bolon Emerge.png

“Emerge utilizes every loved feature of what makes Bolon, Bolon”

Annica Eklund, Chief Creative Officer


Endless Vision

Emerge is a consistent base collection. A base of new neutrals that can handle change, movement, as well as endless vision. Six new neutral colours, each with its own unique identity offering a bigger variation than ever in a neutral colour spectrum. Showing the same strength and skill in adaptation as nature itself, the Emerge collection is made to never tire, not even the eye. The collection is available as Rolls and Tiles, Acoustic Tiles too!, and can be installed alone or together with other Bolon collections

Long-lasting Flooring

What emerges from Bolon is founded in creativity, that engineering know-how and the rhythmical sound of the working looms in the factory, creating a long-lasting product with a 15-year warranty.

Conscious Production

Bolon is constantly striving to succeed in finding the most sustainable and durable symmetry. This collection checks boxes of conscious production – the recycling and rethinking none of us can exist without. Emerge is produced with recycled material, contains no phthalates and is environmentally certified.

Reliable Durability

Because the Emerge collection is made to last, it is a high value and cost-effective collection, having a high durability – Class 33 and passes interiors with heavy foot-traffic. A 15-year warranty says a lot. This ethos provides the basics of a ground-breaking flooring.


These neutral colours do not imitate any existing material. Instead, they have their own identity, and the power to transition and emerge much like a chameleon – offering limitless possibilities in designability. You will find guidance to match our colours and collections, and you can experience the Emerge collection using your own creativity with our design tool at

Bring to Light

We have come full circle and given the colour wheel a challenge.The six distinctive colours in the collection are made to bridge the neutral gap and take your flooring interior to somewhere new. With mindfully created neutral colours that are as natural as any vivid colour. Yes, there is such a thing as the perfect shade of beige and grey.

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