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Five intuitive design expressions – the singular faces of Bolon – playing with spatial perception. An intimate experience.

See magnified formations, savour colour effects. Hyper texture. Scale study and light direction in a way we have not risked before.

This is Bolon.

Anything Everything

We’re never hiding in a corner hoping to be noticed, instead we relentlessly chose to break new ground. Playing with spatial perception, this graphic pattern on a dark base builds an experience of architecture extraordinaire - directing light into the most curious of compositions. Yes, we go rouge because we are who we are.

DisruptAndDiscover Chairs.jpg

Disrupt and Discover
Challenging our threads, this texture turned out hyper textile. Dark and inky with a nearly black deep blue base, it is a very elegant multi-coloured check with soft glimmers of yellow and white gloss. A contemporary character, which feels handmade. I imagine this design in an architectural setting where it will surprise and thrive.



I take pictures of flooring all the time, wherever I go. This design’s out of focus pattern creates a vibrating colour effect, ultraviolet on an oily, nearly black base. With such a supreme level of energy it is as expressive as I think flooring should be. Standing its own ground in every possible way.


When I feel the wow. That’s when I know. This design has a unique play with colour. Changing and moving from one side to the other in magnified formations. Nearly black with a soot matte base - but - there is also lustre. It is complicated, let me just say that calculated tiny spaces in-between play just as big a part as the rest.


I See You
We do what we have always done. See the possibilities and grasp them at the right moment - to weave forward. Experimenting with lightness and the nearly white colours gives this design a chalky sensation. Dry and crisp with a sense of weightlessness with its layer-on-layer pattern. Because if we don’t expand what is possible, what would be the purpose of creating at all?

“We love creating the unexpected, we love moving forward. This is Bolon.

- Marie, CEO

Bolon R Truly.jpg

Bolon R Truly

Truly is also available as made-to-measure rugs. The five designs are matched with tailor-made trimmings available in eight exclusive design alternatives. The rugs can be ordered in sizes ranging from: 2 x 2 m up to 4 x 8 m

Truly DisruptAndDiscover.jpg


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