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The Art of Performance

In 2020, the Swedish flooring company Bolon is breaking fresh ground by presenting The Art of Performance, a sustainable approach that rediscovers and reinterprets the beauty and function within its existing product lines.

With the Art of Performance, Bolon explore the endless possibilities afforded by its existing collections as well as focus on the core attributes of the woven flooring: designability, sustainability, cleanability and durability. At the core of the Art of Performance is a belief that design goes beyond what meets the eye. Only by combining sustainable methods, aesthetic beauty and exemplary function, can products succeed.


“We believe it’s important to explore and find new ways of seeing our existing flooring collections. It’s interesting to work with what we have, and we want to make our collections newer than ever, through the endless combinations we have created.”

Annica Eklund, Chief Creative Officer

Throughout 2020, Bolon will have numerous of new exciting flooring combinations, they want to show that woven flooring really can be a piece of art. “For us, great design is design that lasts,” explains Annica Eklund. “You can only achieve that when performances and aesthetics are equally important, when effortless cleanability and maintenance come naturally, and when honest sustainability stands above it all.”

The Art of Performance is built around four virtues that are essential to Bolon’s products:



Bolon uses proprietary yarn and expert weaving techniques. All collections are fully adaptable and open to endless new combinations to suit any environment.


Bolon boasts 1–% climate neutral production and its own integrated recycling plant. Collections contain recycled material and raw materials from best environmental practice suppliers. Flooring is non-toxic and approved for healthcare environments.


Impervious to liquids to cope with almost any spill. Bolon flooring provides no place for dirt or debris to hide. Bolon is easy to clean with just a vacuum cleaner, brush or mop. No environmentally harmful chemicals required.


Bolon’s flooring is designed to last, all collections come with a 10 to 15 year warranty. Suitable for high-intensity environments, Bolon’s flooring does not wear, flatten, or dull over time.

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