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Individually we are unique, together we are whole.

Collective includes 3 plush styles and 5 foundational styles that work effectively across all segments where teamwork is essential to success. All styles in Collective are Low Embodied Carbon+ Carbon Neutral along with being Cradle to Cradle Certified® Silver. Putting people and planet together as they need to be

Collective Anatomy

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Collective Colorways

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Shaw Collective Colorways 2.jpg

Why Collective?

Lifetime Stain and Color Protection

EcoSolution Q  is backed by a Lifetime Commercial Warranty covering fiber

abrasive wear, static protection, staining and colorfastness to light and atmospheric



Proven Fiber Performance

Shaw Contract's decades of experience in the flooring industry led us to develop our own fiber technology. EcoSolution Q100™ fibers are 100% recyclable nylon engineered to reduce soiling while retaining color and appearance.


Lighter & Stronger

EcoWorx  weighs 25% less and has superior tensile strength when compared to traditional PVC backing. This results in significant carbon reductions during transport and ensures industry leading durability.


Tried & True

EcoWorx  tile has a lifetime warranty. In over two decades, we have manufactured

and shipped over 4 billion square feet of EcoWorx  carpet tile. As the largest carpet fiber manufacturer in the world, our expertise in carpet fiber production is proven time-and time again.

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Download Collective Brochures

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What connects us and creates optimism?

As humans on this beautiful planet, what we have in common is so much greater than what divides us. We thrive in a global community that gives us perspective and gives voice to others to come together and laugh, share, work, learn, and care for each other.


Collective shares a sense of unity that roots us in a positive spirit while letting our individual lights shine stronger than ever. The patterns and styles of Collective draw deliberate lines, not to create boundaries but crossings, places of intersection where we may pause to reset, to relax or recharge.

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