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Al Mahra - Arabian Ranches

Al Mahra - Arabian Ranches

Metre Squared proudly completed a remarkable flooring project for "Al Mahra - Arabian Ranches," showcasing their expertise in the interiors industry. Discover the flawless flooring solutions delivered by our experienced team, as we continue to exceed expectations in the GCC region.

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Metre Squared's flooring expertise shines through in their remarkable project for "Al Mahra - Arabian Ranches." As a trusted and experienced team in the interiors industry, Metre Squared took on the challenge of providing a comprehensive turnkey flooring solution for this esteemed establishment. From the initial planning stages to the final installation, their commitment to excellence was evident throughout the project.

Metre Squared's collaboration with the client ensured that every aspect of the flooring project for "Al Mahra - Arabian Ranches" met and exceeded expectations. Their experienced team meticulously selected and installed a range of flooring options that perfectly complemented the overall aesthetic of the space. With their keen attention to detail, they seamlessly integrated luxurious carpets, exquisite hardwood flooring, and durable tiles, creating a visually stunning and functional environment. Despite facing challenges, such as strict timelines and high-quality standards, Metre Squared's professionalism and dedication ensured a successful outcome, further solidifying their reputation as the go-to flooring solution provider in the GCC region.

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Architect / Designer                      




Project Manager                    

Grown Gate

City / Country            

Dubai / United Arab Emirates



December 2019


Chris Goldstraw Photography



Series used 

> Stratum, Surface and Haven Collection

Items used

> Stratum XL 034UV - Waterfront Oak 00614

> Surface 0515V - Gravel 15530

> Identity Tile 5T237 - Truffle 35760

> Honest Tile 5T236 - Apricot 35675

> Honest Tile 5T236 - Rosewood 35870

> Identity Tile 5T237 - Mint 35237

> Honest Tile 5T236 - Greige 35516

> Honest Tile 5T236 - Fog 35518

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