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This is the first WeWork hub in Dubai. The entire 6000 square feet project was designed, sourced, procured and installed by our team inside of 10 weeks. We supplied the wooden flooring, tiles, rugs and broadroom carpets.


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Situated in the The Prestigious One Central, Dubai World Trade Centre, the new WeWork Hub, is a co-working space designed specifically for the modern workforce and their needs. With the design and build carried out by KPS, the interiors concept was based on the culture of the region, and is refreshingly minimal. A rustic yet light colour palette of browns and greys forms the canvas for sleek, stylish furniture that adds a touch of sophistication. Plenty of wood surfaces are accentuated by woven panels and wall designs. The overall interior is fluid with a distinctive theme running throughout that perfectly ties up the open spaces.

Feel free to contact our team for a site visit.

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WeWork, World Trade Centre, Dubai 

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