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We are an independent, design driven, 100% flooring consultancy, as well as contractor. This means not only can make a space look good, we can also ensure it will build well. 



M2 have many years of experience designing spaces and educating on floors for architects, designers, project management companies alike.


Interior designers work closely alongside our locally based team throughout the entire design process. No need to speak to many people in different time zones, wait for replies or receive different details for different manufacturers.


We are the only company in the UAE to offer a local in-house design service. Having the world’s leading brands at our fingertips for all floor finishes we are able to produce various flooring options that work with the project scheme, the budget, and also very fast. 


“Metre Squared offers us a one stop hub for our flooring specification needs. The team are knowledgeable, responsive and thoughtful to our designs requirements. They provide us with the confidence that the products are suitable, creatively minded and sensitive to cost and time.”  

Julie Thom - Associate Director - AAID



Because we are also contractors, we ensure that every flooring proposal is actually possible. Before tender stage we offer 1 clear and concise flooring package document which is easy for contractors to price. No further clarifications will be needed and in turn slow down the tender process.


We have consulted on schemes for the regions leading design firms including Gensler, AAID, Say Studio as well as the region’s leading D&B companies like KPS, Altayer Stocks, and INC group.     


Throughout the build the designers and contractors have one point of contact. This is invaluable to ensure a swift, hassle free installation. 

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