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Sustainability is a topic everyone is talking about but not everyone is doing their part to improve the current situation.  


Whilst there are many schemes and practices we are planning to introduce in the future we are still leading the way when it comes to reducing the impact on our planet. 

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We ONLY use materials that are firstly safe to use, and from manufacturers that go beyond what is legally required of them. All our factories are firstly using 100% renewable energy, they all have recycled content and all products are recyclable. We also only use materials that are built to last. All our products carry at least a 10 year commercial warrantee.  



Repurposing is something that we offer all our clients at no additional cost. It is sad that sometimes we replace an item, in this case carpeting, and it is actually still fit for purpose. The reason is that the space is either being redesigned or the use is changing.


What typically happens is this material is sent straight to landfill. Over 1 million metres of carpet tile per year goes directly to landfill. That’s enough carpet to lay the entire length of Sheihk Zayed Road (330KM) 4 times over.  


We collect this carpet, clean it and either donate it or sell it to customers that require  carpeting at a lower cost. Here it will easily perform for many years to come and therefore prolonging it's life and degreasing the impact on the earth. 


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Full Recycling – Take Back 

Whilst we would love to see this happen in the Middle East, the cost does not justify this currently. What we can do with the support of our partners is to send it back to the manufacturer to recycle it .   


We are the first company to offer this service. We are offering this to our clients free of charge. Currently the only stipulation is our carpet is purchased from us. We would love to offer this for all manufacturers product but this is currently not possible.   


Offsetting / Carbon Neutral Floors 

 This can be misleading and is often used by people as a marketing tool. Offsetting is a last resort and should only be utilised for aspects you have no control over for example cleaning and transport. Offsetting a harmful material, or a material produced badly does not make any sense and needs to be avoided wherever possible. 

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